Specialist treatment offering the best care
for your pet's skin problems

David Culley has been in small animal practice since 1980, and has been offering a small animal referral service in dermatology for over 20 years. While consulting on all aspects of veterinary dermatology, David’s particular interests are immune-mediated skin disease and feline dermatology.

Skin complaints can often be complex and long standing, and General Practitioners recognise the need for specialisation and they will tend to recommend a referral when your pet has a difficult or unusual skin disease.
The facilities at Yew Tree Veterinary Centre enable us to investigate all types of skin disease in small animals. We have the time and knowledge to investigate your pet’s skin problem in depth and we can offer the most advanced treatments available.
If your pet has a skin condition and you would like a dermatological consultation with David, then, please talk to your own vet, who will happily advise and arrange a referral
for you.

The first consultation lasts for a minimum of an hour. It is important that you are able to attend in person so that we have an opportunity to obtain a comprehensive history and perform a complete physical examination on your pet. During this time we will discuss our findings and recommend any further diagnostic tests, treatment options and cost.

Further tests and one or more follow up visits may be necessary before a final diagnosis can be made. It will not be necessary for your pet to stay overnight.

Your own vet will receive a written report following each visit so that they are kept fully informed on the progress your pet is making, and any ongoing treatment that may be required.

The cost will depend upon the type and complexity of your pet’s skin problem. Provided there are no exclusions, veterinary insurance policies will cover the cost of referral. Please contact us prior to the consultation if you would like an estimate.


If you would like a referral, then, please ask your vet to complete the referral form. Upon receipt we will contact you and arrange an appointment time that best suits you. Your vet will arrange for your pet’s history and any relevant laboratory test results to be sent to us.