Loyalty Scheme

Preventative healthcare
for your pet

The Well Pet Club enables you to spread the cost of your pet’s preventative healthcare, as well as offer you some great discounts on additional treatments and services. We have designed the plan utilising the best products and diagnostic aids available, ensuring your pet remains as healthy as possible throughout the year.

The Well Pet Club is not insurance for your pet, but covers all the preventative healthcare that is not covered by insurance policies.

What is included in my monthly payments?

As you will be spreading the cost of your pet’s healthcare the following items are all paid for by your monthly Direct Debit as part of the Well Pet Club membership:

  • Vaccinations – These will be the standard booster vaccination(s) that your pet is currently being  given by the veterinary surgeon. If you are joining a puppy or kitten to the club, then, their second  vaccination of the initial course will be included in the membership, thereafter it will be their annual booster vaccination. The Rabbit plan includes two Myxomatosis vaccinations and one VHD  vaccination annually.
  • Worming and flea treatments – At your pet's 6 monthly health check you will receive a 6 month  supply of worming and flea treatment.
  • Full clinical examination twice a year – You are entitled to two 6 monthly health checks that will  cover your pet’s general health including ears, eyes, skin, lungs, heart, abdomen, weight, claws,   joints and teeth. This can be for any medication reviews required for long term treatment of  conditions. One of your health checks will be at the time of your pet’s vaccination.
  • Dietary advice – Discuss your pet’s dietary requirements with the vet or our Pet Health Counsellor.
  • Dental scale and polish – This will include a full oral examination with ultra sonic scaling and  polishing of the teeth. This will be available to your pet every second year.
  • Anal gland expression – This will be carried out at one of your 6 monthly health checks.
  • Blood cell count and blood test – (Senior plan) This will enable the vet to monitor your pet’s health  and look out for early signs of any abnormalities such as liver and kidney disease.
  • Urinalysis – (Senior plan) This will enable the vet to assess kidney function.
  • Blood pressure check – (Senior plan) Older cats and dogs are more likely to develop hypertension  (high blood pressure).
  • ECG – (Senior Dog plan) This will alert the vet to any early signs of change in the health of your dog’s heart.

What discounts can I look forward to?

Not only does your membership include your entire annual preventative healthcare, but it also allows you to take advantage of many great offers exclusive to Well Pet Club members.

  • 10% off additional vaccinations (Rabies, Kennel cough)
  • 10% off all food for your Well Pet Club pet
  • 25% off PETS passport (excludes microchip & vaccination as already discounted)
  • 50% off microchip
  • Payment scheme on treatments over £300 (maximum of four monthly payments)
  • 10% off neutering
  • 10% off pre-anaesthetic blood tests before neutering
  • 10% off additional worming and flea control
  • 10% off long term medication (after 4 months of being on the medication)
  • Discount off each additional pet’s monthly membership fee.

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